Adaptive Secondary Software (AdSec)

IDL Wave Installing IDL Wave into Emacs (or Xemacs on Mac) and its use

CVS Downloading the AdSec routines from the Arcetri CVS server

Initializing IDL Initializing IDL with all the Adaptive Secondary parameters by running @startup

Installing AdSec Software Steps to install an AdSec software build from checkout from svn to compilation to installation of executables

Description of AdSec Software components

On each of the 2 adsec workstation (adsecdx and adsecsx) the following programs are running:

Service name Full Name Description
adsec IDL process High level ASM direct commands
AOARB AO Arbitrator Arbitrator process for the WFS and AOS integration
adsecarb Adsec Arbitrator Arbitrator process that implements the FSM behaviors
adamhousekeeper MOXA (ex ADAM) Housekeeper process Slow diagnostics over MOXA parameters: coil status, tss status...
housekeeper Housekeeper Slow diagnostics over full system: temperatures, voltages....
M_ADSEC Message Daemon Real Time Database Message dispatcher and real time database
fastdiagn Fast Diagnostic Fast diagnostics process: positions, currents, modes, skip frames...
masterdiagnostic Masterdiagnostic Diagnostics data collecting
anemometermon Anemometer Monitor Anemometer data collecting
idlctrl IDL Controller Interface between adsecarb and adsec
pinger Pinger Auxiliary service for network life
varsmonitor Variable Monitor TCS variable mirroring

Log files

Every process write its log file in $ADOPT_LOG (/local/aolog at the time of writing). The name of the log file is derived from the process name:
<process name>.<side>.log

Older files are gzip with name
<process name>.<side>.XXXXX.log.gz

Dump files

In case of critical events (?which ones?) the software automatically dumps on disk the status of the ASM. The following files are created:

DumpFast Dump of MasterDiagnostic (circular buffer at 1kHz) $ADOPT_LOG/ADAPTIVE-SECONDARY_XXXXX.log
DumpSlow Dump of slow diagnostics (AdamHouseKeeper & HouseKeeper) $ADOPT_LOG/ADAPTIVE-SECONDARY-DIAGNVARS_XXXXXX.sav

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