-- XianyuZhang - 03 Mar 2023

2023-03-03 - add dome status handling in the fix for IT8830

  • People: Xianyu, Juan Carlos
  • Scripts used: None
  • Software versions used for test:
    • dxadsec: /home/aoeng/soul/fix_it8830
    • soul-dxwfs: stable
  • Software version after test:
    • dxadsec:/home/aoeng/soul/stable/
    • soul-dxwfs: stable


Currently the RR mode is disables after the AO preset is completed, the AO operators (Juan Carlos and Jenny) want to keep the RR mode enabled/disabled until the RR mode is commanded to be changed (excpet the restart of AOArbitrator makes the RR mode as disabled).

We also want to achieve that the rr_mode is disabled when the telescope is observing (in this case, of course, there is no RR installed or ARGOS swing arm deployed). To do this we use the dome status as a proxy for telescope observing. The main point is that we don’t want that the rr_mode to be enabled when observing. So when the dome is open and a presetAO or other AOS level command is sent we guarantee that the rr_mode is forced disabled. To do this we use the “dome open” status, in TCS/AOS, defined as NOT “dome closed”, where “dome closed” is when all the flags and status combined with AND report close (this means that if any is unavailable the dome is open). What can go wrong is that the dome is reported open when it is in fact closed. In this case the rr_mode will be disabled and offloading to the primary will occur during daytime tests with potential panic of the primary, which is acceptable (I think) and can be corrected by operators (manually enable rr_mode).

Code changed

Please see the change in at GitHub.

Test and Results

A normal AO operation procedure (prestAO, checkFlux, checkAOref, etc) is planned, and the test plan steps and results are available in the google sheets, see link.
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