The AdSec software has been recently modified to allow changing the elevation limit for the AdSec via command line, without the need for a restart of the AdSec software.

Two elevation limit values are possible: 30 and 26 (degrees)

The change can be applied any time with the following caveats:
  • When going from 26 to 30: the telescope elevation should be above 30 degrees or the shell should be rested, this way an unexpected resting of the shell can be avoided
  • When the AdSec unit is retracted the only elevation limit allowed is: 30 degrees

How to Change Elevation Limit

To apply the change:
  1. Verify the current elevation limit as reported in the AOS GUI (or Adsec Control GUI) of the affected side (DX or SX)
  2. Change the elevation limit
    • Open a terminal on AdSec machine of the affected side
    • Enter: 26 (30)
    • Then enter the Reply Yes to continue (others to quit)
    • If successful:
      • the output on the terminal is "Elevation limit changed to 26 (30) Deg" and "Elevation read back OK"
    • If not successful:
      • the output on the terminal is "Elevation read back failed, please re-run the command or call the AO support person"
    • Close the terminal
  3. Verify that the elevation limit has been updated in the AOS GUI (or Adsec Control GUI)

Note 1: When the AdSec unit is retracted only the elevation limit of 30 degrees is allowed and this limit is enforced by the AO software, any attempt to change the limit in this case will automatically be reverted by the AO software

Note 2: If the AOS is not connected to the AO supervisor the elevation shown in the AOS GUI may be incorrect

Note 3: When the AdSec software is restarted the elevation limit is set to the value set in the files adsecarb.conf and adamhousekeeper.conf in the $ADOPT_ROOT directory (should be 30 degrees)

When to Implement

For OSA's, about when to check/implement:
  1. Elevation as per the AO Calendar:
    The elevation changes are marked in Red. This calendar automatically populates the "Support" tab of the Telescope Calendar.
  2. If the AdSec processes are restarted. On startup the elevation limit is set to 30 degrees so this may need to be reset if the request is for 26 degrees
  3. If there is an elevation limit requested for a partial night that includes LBC and Gregorian observations. The elevation limit must be 30 degrees for LBC and is set automatically when the M2 swing arm is moved to the park position. If required, the elevation limit must be manually set to 26 degrees for Gregorian observation if reconfigured.
Note: The OSAs will not have to make any decision about if or when the elevation limit is set to 26 degrees. The elevation limit change confirmation will always be made by the AO Group. The OSAs will then only follow what is recorded in the AO Calendar.

-- GuidoBrusa - 29 Jan 2021

-- Xianyu - 29 Jan 2021

-- Jenny - 22 April 2021
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