'AdSec' Thin Shell Handling

646a000c.pdf: Thin Shell Installation Procedure for Magnet Gluing (05/2007)

646a001c.pdf: Procedure for the Removal of the Thin Shell from its Reference Body after Magnet Gluing (03/2006)

646a002b.pdf: Procedure to Apply Opticote to the Thin Shell (03/2006)

646a003b.pdf: Procedure to Peel Opticote from the Thin Shell (03/2006)

646a004b.doc: LBT Adaptive Secondary Thin Shell - Overseas Shipping Unpacking Procedure (02/2007)

646a012c.pdf: Procedure for Thin Shell Flipping (02/2008)

646f011d.docx: Procedure for Removing the Thin Shell from the Adaptive Secondary Mirror Unit (05/2013)

646f013b.docx: Procedure for Installing the Thin Shell on the Adaptive Secondary Mirror Unit (11/2015)

645s900a.doc: LBT Secondary Shell Handling (12/2004)

646s200a.pdf: LBT Adaptive Secondary Thin Shell - Local Tucson Transportation Procedure (03/2006)

646s201a.doc: LBT Secondary Shell - Handling Procedure for the Coating of Convex Side (03/2006)

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