Other Assembly/Disassembly Instructions

646a014a.pdf: Procedure for Hexapod Dismounting from the Hub (03/2008)

646a013a.pdf: Procedure for Hexapod Installation into the Hub (03/2008)

646a015b.doc: Procedure for LBT672 Installation into the Hub (03/2008)

646a016a.doc: Procedure for LBT672 Removal from the Hub (03/2008)

646a017a.doc: Procedure for M2 Removal from the Telescope (03/2008)

646a018b.doc: Procedure for M2 Installation on the Telescope (03/2010)

646a019a.doc: Procedure for M2 Cover Installation (03/2008)

646a020a.doc: Procedure for M2 Cover Removal (03/2008)

646s210d.doc: 'AdSec' Removal from Telescope with M2 Swing-arm Deployed (07/2014)

646s211b.doc: Procedure for ASM Removal from the Hub (07/2010)

646s212c.doc: 'AdSec' Cover Removal at the Telescope with M2 Swing-arm Retracted (07/2014)

646s213e.doc: 'AdSec' Cover Installation at the Telescope with M2 Swing-arm Retracted (07/2014)

646s214b.doc: Procedure for ASM Installation into the Hub (09/2010)

646s216d.doc: 'AdSec' Installation on Telescope with M2 Swing-arm Deployed (07/2014)

646s217a.doc: Retro-Reflector Holder Removal from Telescope (05/2010)

646s218b.doc: Retro-Reflector Holder Installation on Telescope (01/2011)

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