NOTE: the shell HAS TO BE NEVER SET during this procedure. The procedure does not move the shell. RESTRICTION: Closed dome.

1) Startup the system with the GUI and open an IDL-Terminal

2) to have graphics, write the command:
set_plot, 'x'

3) disable the fast diagnostics frame flow
print, set_diagnostic(over=0)

4) Load reduce/restore waveform over all crates
print, update_wave(wfile)

5) Command used to show the linearized readings of the capacitive sensors (all), the ADC reading of the capacitive sensors (all). Only sys_status.voltages (ADC capsens readings) are meaningful:
cl = adsec.act_w_cl
err = update_status() & display, sys_status.voltage[cl],[cl], /sh, /as, ytickf_bar='(I5.5)'

6) check that the procedures are fine: after the command below, repeat 5) and no change should occur. Note "2" is the crate to manipulate.
print, update_1wave(wfile1,2)

7) Now set crate 2 to full wave
print, update_1wave(wfile2,2)

8) If you want to test another crate, restart from 4). Do not use update_1wave multiple times on different crates without cleaning all with update_wave (that's the reason to restart from 4) ).

9) Once finished, restart the system from scratch.

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