How to restart the software running the Adaptive Secondary units.

- 1 -: put the chosen unit (DX or SX) in the SAFE state and power it off using the AOS GUI.

- 2 -: open a terminal linked to ASM workstation(flao@adsecdx or flao@adsecsx, NOTE: these to machines are currently running CentOS 5, if the software is run on the new machines wth CentOS 6 use instead AOeng2@dxadsec and AOeng2@sxadsec) and execute:

Note: this kills and restarts the AdSec software running the particular unit.

- 3 -: from the same terminal open a browser:
            konqueror &  (for flao@adsecdx or flao@adsecsx on CentOS 5) or firefox & (this is for AOeng2@dxadsec and AOeng2@sxadsec)
  • Go to the MOXA device by entering the IP address directly in the URL bar (The IP for the MOXA are (DX) and (SX)) Note: The SX can only be reached from the terminal that is logged into the SX adsec machine and vice versa.
  • Follow: -> Main Menu, -> Network Settings, -> General Settings) and press "ClearAlarm"
  • Restart the device.
  • Go back to: -> Main Menu, -> Network Settings, -> General Settings and verify that the alarm was cleared
Note: this restarts the MOXA watchdog, necessary to catch any possible network interruption in the future.

Note: Not executing this last step puts the hardware at risk!

-- MarcoXompero - 25 Jan 2013
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