AO Software Test Plans



date subsystem who testSorted ascending
2022-08-24 adsec BM AnemometerMon failed connections: test manual connections to Moxa
2022-04-25 wfs AV, BM, JCG bayside out-of-range movements: test that out-of-range bayside movements report errors immediately instead of waiting to time out
2022-04-19 wfs BM, JCG bcu2k setup timeouts: test agw_power fix that waits for RelayCtrl to be in OPERATING state before issuing power on commands
2022-04-28 adsec GB, XZ change_elevation_limit script upgrade test
2022-02-25 adsec + wfs AV, BM checkout "latest", produce new HK core dump for Brandon to inspect
2022-04-25 adsec AV, BM, JCG interrupted offsets: make AO arbitrator commands, including OffsetXY, "uninterruptible"
2022-02-22 adsec BM, JCG re-order gain ramp
2022-05-07/08 adsec + wfs   release: upgrade on LBTI and LUCI DEC nights
2022-02-28 wfs BM, JCG save optical loop data during pause and resume
2022-06-20 adsec BM, JCG set_z0 bank-a-only modification
2022-05-10 adsec BM, DM switch bcu communication problem: test changing to which banks writes (re-do with FAKESLOPE enabled and fixed IDL procedures)
2022-03-29 adsec BM, DM test new housekeeper and changing to which banks writes (Switch BCU communication problem)
2022-04-25 adsec AV, BM, JCG verify AbstractSystem::_cmdResult thread safety bug
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