2023-01-25 wfs: WfsControl BCU47 temp warning and fabio's changes for commissioning

  • Software versions used:
    • soul-sxwfs: test.20230125.cameralens-warning
  • Software versions after test:
    • soul-sxwfs: stable
  • SW: Brandon
  • AO: Juan Carlos


The three pull requests that affect the ASM have been removed from the test, so the only two patches to be included in the test are Fabio's (tested) pull request to make the all the WFS machines have the same software and the BCU47 temperature warning in the WFS Control GUI.

# subsystem(s) pull request link description / reason for upgrade
1 wfs (FR) December2022 run, changes tested on the relevant systems.

(FR) Aligning LUCI DX WFS Power On and Power Off sequences to SX side. Tested in daytime on 07/12/2022, ready to be deployed
(FR) Small change to the process talking with the Power Board (not relevant for LBTI) to unifify the code, still different temperatures are checked depending on the SIDE. Tested on both sides on 07/12/2022, ready to deploy
(FR) Change in TT modulation application to have unified code for DX and SX. Tested in daytime 07/12/2022, on both LUCI DX (which has 2nd and 3rd modulation axis inverted) and LUCI SX (regular order, same as LBTI SX and DX)

Tested during daytime and ready to be deployed, so no additional testing should be necessary. Any problems would show up during power on.

2 wfs (wfs) WfsControl: when clicking the "Operate" button, warn if the camera lens temperature is below a threshold.

WfsControl GUI will now give a warning popup if the camera lens temperature is below the threshold defined in wfsarb.conf before powering on after clicking the "Operate" button.

Test steps in daytime test checklist below.


  1. We tested this 2023-01-25, and after some debugging of the WfsControl GUI changes, the test was successful and can be included in the Jan 28 checkout. Here is the test checklist: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/15xyzVALrokgjVnESnCp-v-WH_skJUc3GECCEdq3FiIs/edit#gid=0
-- BrandonMechtley - 25 Jan 2023
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