2022-11-16 - (wfs) release checkout: wfsarb bayside out-of-range error communication patch

  • Software versions used:
    • soul-sxwfs: test.20221116.bayside-limits
  • Software versions after the test:
    • soul-sxwfs: stable
  • Release: If the test succeeds, I can update the "stable" ao-supervisor software version on all the AO machines except dxadsec the next morning. The runtime changes only affects the WFS machines, so the software version won't need to be changed on sxadsec for the test, and an adsc_stop/adsc_start won't be necessary. We can upgrade dxadsec when we reconcile the MMC and SOUL-devel branches.


The patch we are testing:

Additional tested patches for engineering scripts I'm including in the software update that don't affect any of the runtime processes:


Testing Google sheet: Group Drive: Adaptive Optics/AO SW/test logs/2022-11-16 wfs upgrade test for bayside out of range error communication fix

The test can be done in open loop. The OffsetXY and PresetAO commands differ slightly in how they implement the offset requests, so if possible, we should test sequences using both OffsetXY and PresetAO.


  • The OT patrol field limits, per Jenny's email are:
    X offset max -31.59mm = 52.65"
    X offset min -76.41mm = -127.35"
    Y offset max -34.71mm = -57.7" (rounding, but actually -57.7999)
    Y offset min -50.29mm = 83.8"
  • The limits set on soul-sxwfs in $ADOPT_ROOT/calib/wfs/current/fov.txt for X and Y are:
    xmin=-112mm, xc=-76.41mm, xmax=0mm (xpos = xc + starxpos)
    ymin=-86mm, yc=-50.29mm, ymax=0mm (ypos = yc + starypos)
  • The limits set on soul-sxwfs in $ADOPT_ROOT/conf/wfs/current/processConf/bayside{x,y}.conf are:
    baysidex.conf: mvLowEnd=-108mm, mvHighEnd=0mm
    baysidey.conf: mvLowEnd=-85mm, mvHighEnd=0mm

Changed files

[AOeng@soul-sxwfs source]$ git diff SOUL-devel-test-20221116-release SOUL-devel | grep diff
diff --git a/ChUI/Makefile b/ChUI/Makefile
diff --git a/DBFiller/mysql_script_SOUL_DX_dimm.sql b/DBFiller/mysql_script_SOUL_DX_dimm.sql
diff --git a/DBFiller/mysql_script_SOUL_DX_gopt.sql b/DBFiller/mysql_script_SOUL_DX_gopt.sql
diff --git a/DBFiller/mysql_script_SOUL_DX_jitter.sql b/DBFiller/mysql_script_SOUL_DX_jitter.sql
diff --git a/DBFiller/mysql_script_SOUL_DX_ocam.sql b/DBFiller/mysql_script_SOUL_DX_ocam.sql
diff --git a/GUI/acq.cpp b/GUI/acq.cpp
diff --git a/PyModules/AdOpt/hwctrl/pisces.py b/PyModules/AdOpt/hwctrl/pisces.py
diff --git a/PyModules/AdOpt/hwctrl/pisces_ccd.py b/PyModules/AdOpt/hwctrl/pisces_ccd.py
diff --git a/PyModules/AdOpt/hwctrl/simplemotor.py b/PyModules/AdOpt/hwctrl/simplemotor.py
diff --git a/PyModules/AdOpt/irc.py b/PyModules/AdOpt/irc.py
diff --git a/auxloops/setup.py b/auxloops/setup.py
diff --git a/auxloops/tasks/badFramesTask/__init__.py b/auxloops/tasks/badFramesTask/__init__.py
diff --git a/auxloops/tasks/badFramesTask/badFramesTask.py b/auxloops/tasks/badFramesTask/badFramesTask.py
diff --git a/scripts/Makefile b/scripts/Makefile
diff --git a/scripts/anemometer_email_tcpdump.py b/scripts/anemometer_email_tcpdump.py
diff --git a/scripts/anemometer_email_tcpdump.sh b/scripts/anemometer_email_tcpdump.sh
diff --git a/scripts/badFrames.py b/scripts/badFrames.py
diff --git a/scripts/bcuDumpScript.py b/scripts/bcuDumpScript.py
diff --git a/scripts/pupilcheck.py b/scripts/pupilcheck.py
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