adsec/wfs: IT 8735: test offset patch with LBTI

  • System used: S-LBTI WFS, ASM (closed loop, gain=0)
  • Software versions used:
    • LBTI WFS (lbti-sxwfs or lbti-dxwfs): test-20221018-it8735-patch
    • AdSec (sxadsec or dxadsec): stable
  • Software state after test:
    • LBTI WFS (lbti-sxwfs or lbti-dxwfs): stable
    • AdSec (sxadsec or dxadsec) stable
  • Day: Daytime test
  • People: BM,


IT 8735 describes a bug where when an offset request is received by the WFS arbitrator that is within the FoV limits (set in fov.cfg) but outside the bayside stage hardware limits (set in bayside*.conf), the error message will "stick" causing the WFS arbitrator to respond to a subsequent offset request with an error, even if the requested offset is valid. Details of why this happens are in lbto/ao-supervisor pull request #155 on Github, but a short explanation is that this is a sporadic bug caused by a previous patch that was implemented to allow the CopleyCtrl bayside stage controller process to communicate errors immediately back to the WFS arbitrator so that the WFS arbitrator (and the AO arbitrator and AOS) will not have to wait for a timeout when an out-of-range bayside movement is requested.

Previous testing

This patch has been tested during the daytime with the S-LUCI WFS as described in this Google doc: OFFSETXY error. We tested it in the following ways:
  1. In a simulation VM and on the live system, with a Python script that sends 100 repetitions of out-of-range movement requests followed by in-range movement requests to the CopleyCtrl process using the AdOpt.hwctrl.bayside_stage class, which is used by the WFS arbitrator. Both tests showed that without the patch, there were about 49% exceptions of 100 iterations and with the patch, 0% of 100 iterations.
  2. On the live system, with a Python script that sends 100 repetitions of within-FoV/out-of-bayside-range offset requests followed by valid offset requests to the WFS arbitrator using its Ice interface (AdOpt.AOIce.flaoWfsProxy.offsetXY).
  3. Manually using the WfsControl GUI, resulting in 0 incorrect exceptions.
  4. Manually using AOS, resulting in 0 incorrect exceptions.

Tests proposed for LBTI

This patch should be tested with LBTI during a daytime test, closing the loop with zero gains so that offset requests can be made through AOS and not just with the engineering GUI or with scripts making requests directly to the WFS arbitrator. Here is a test plan spreadsheet: 2022-10-XX IT 8735 patch LBTI test log

Results summary

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