-- XianyuZhang - 01 Nov 2022

2022-10-31 - Test housekeeper timeout patch

  • People: Xianyu, Brandon, Guido, Doug
  • Scripts used:
  • Software versions used:
    • sxadsec: test.20221031.hk-timeout
    • soul-sxwfs: stable
  • Software version after test:
    • sxadsec: stable
    • soul-sxwfs: stable


The current housekeeper does not have a timeout for getting housekeeper values. This patch introduces a housekeeper timeout for its readout. The timer times the length of the interval during which any or all variables become unavailable, and power OFF the ASM when the timer expires.

Code changed

The commit# 2 of Github pull request #154 shows the code change.

The basic design is as follows:
  • Timer length is hard coded in the HK

at the initialization of the HK the timer states are:
a) timer not running
b) timer time set to now
c) timer length = 5 min (TBC)

if not all variables are read then the HK does the following
        if the timer is running then
if the timer has exceeded the limit it commands ASM power off (through MOXA)
              if the timer is not running then
                      if the ASM is commanded ON (MOXA state) it starts the timer
if instead all variables are read then it resets the timer


The test plan steps and results are available in the google sheets, see link.


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