2022-02-25 - LBTI checkout "latest", produce new HK core dump for Brandon to inspect

Software: BM

Software testing queue


This is also not a proper log. Next time. After Amali's LBTI system checkout with the retroreflector, we checked out the "latest" changes with LBTI, which only included the "Force open loop" button and the re-ordered pause/resume commands. Everything worked OK. We also ran the long-overdue new "partial timeout" Housekeeper so that I could remember to enable core dumps before running it, for future debugging.

Software state

sxadsec and lbti-sxwfs left in "stable" after the test.


I didn't properly take a log, but will next time.

On sxadsec, tested sxadsec:~/tsoul/test.20220220-reorder-gain-ramp which includes all "latest" changes including the reordered gain ramp.
On lbti-sxwfs, tested lbti-sxwfs:~/soul/latest.

Briefly turned off housekeeper in the system processes GUI and ran sxadsec:~/soul/test.20220215.hk-partial-timeout/aoroot/bin/housekeeper -i housekeeper, which produced core.132258.

Switched sxadsec and lbti-sxwfs back to "stable."

AdSecControl: Power On, Load Program, Set Flat, Rest.

-- BrandonMechtley - 25 Feb 2022
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