Start 10:00

ocam OK.

test presetOK.

bin1 check rerotator postions at 360 degrees.

rerot angle 170.655 20211106_174051

171.655 -174146

bin 1 OK.



at 320 skpping frames, the pupil are not all iluminated.

Increase the wait time between movement or some misalignment.

checked the pupil rerotator positions. it is at midrange.

increase the eait time to 25 seconds.

there are spikes n the movements due to some oscillations, the pupils were jumping


rotating with wait 25 skip frames only moving 20 degrees from 60 to 340

rotating 10 degree skipping almost 100%

check rerota positions. No time to do it.


call from mountain. Needs to stop.

OCAm safe mode.

-- JuanCarlosGuerra - 06 Nov 2023
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