15:00 Setting up for Ilocater testing. HBS on, stowpins in, ARGOS source deployed and on, shell set with 636 modes

15:15 I am unable to start up the wavefront sensor software:

[sxwunit@lbti-sxwfs source]$ w_start_all
stop: Unknown instance:
Side: L
Subsystem: WFS
startProcessByName(): starting process /home/sxwunit/live/aoroot/bin/msgdrtdb
clean_ts8 script is disabled
terminate called after throwing an instance of 'Arcetri::LoggerFatalException'
/home/sxwunit/live/aoroot/bin/w_start_all: line 3: 9797 Aborted (core dumped) w_start
keepUp start/running, process 9844

[sxwunit@lbti-sxwfs source]$ w_check

terminate called after throwing an instance of 'Arcetri::LoggerFatalException'
Aborted (core dumped)

15:40 Xianyu checked in and verified tehre was noting wrong with the install, or diskspace. He will be home in 15 min to take a look

15:55 Xianyu was able to quickly find the problem was a permissions issue:

"Brandon (for Juan Carlos's project) started a process called mongofiller as sudo, which created the log directory as root and so normal user does not have the right to write a log file in the log directory, which does not allow the WFS SW to start."

16:00 Setup on the wavefront sensor. Took 3 w_start_all to come up cleanly. Close loop on 11.4 WFS mag, 1347Hz bin1
Using the Ilocater ACE table with adjusted pupils.

Baysides: 67.0, 21.0, 64.7

M2: 0.8, 1.33, -1.34, 81, -648, 0

16:21 It looks like we can see three points on the outside that may be the hardpoints of the pupil mirror

18:56 tuned NCPA on the Ilocater camera and focus:

Baysize z: 64.9

focus saved to Iloc_ACE-AO_20240408

NCPA Z4:0 Z5: 25 z6: -15 Z7: 10 Z8:-20 Z9:-10 z10: -10

NCPA saved to: Iloc_20240408

19:04 Putting in disturbance dist_flao2_KL_v20_atm_s1.0_L040.0_v15.0_ovfreq1700.00_sd3892.fits, Close loop on 11.4 WFS mag, 1347Hz bin1

-- JenniferPower - 08 Apr 2024
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