9:05 Powering up LBTI SX WFS and brining in the ARGOS source

PSF alignment:

0.8, 1.3316, -1.439, 79.63, -617.98,0

9:30 Steve is verifying the LMIRCAM alignment

9:45 Jonathan can see the Fold mirror but needed to home it

9:54 Putting in the SX dichroic turntable. There was a slight offsets to align. Moved the baysides rather than hexipod to align

new baysides saved as ilocArgos:

4: ilocArgos (*) 67.000 21.000

The pupils are railed in X by -1.8 pixels now that the dichroic is in, although in the same position as seen on lmircam. Suggesting a tilt on the turntable?

10:34 After some discussion of the opto-mechanics we opted to update the pupils for ilocater. Updated with '20240402_173000' mp.movePupils('20231124_050542',-4,0,240,2) and updated. Created a new ace table for iLocater table_LBTI_ACE-AO.txt -> table_Iloc_ACE-AO.500m1700Hz_20240402.txt

10:51 The focus for today is to tune the roof mirror alignment, but we likely need to tune the focus by a millimeter or two to obtain the nominal for the science camera. Generated a backup of LBTI_ACE-AO in setups and I will generate one for Ilocater.

11:06 Made a focus file with a rough focus for Ilocater:


Simlinked this file for work on Monday

11:13 Testing done for today

Argos source off and parked, Hexapod offsets removed, rr_mode disabled, shell rested, wfs safed and powered off.

-- JenniferPower - 02 Apr 2024
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