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Night log:

email from Simone (sharkvis):


as you know SV will try to observe within the upcoming inaf run starting on Tuesday night, 13 Feb Arizona time. We will use the usual disruptive mode: if the conditions are good we activate the observations. In that case SN will be in parallel on SX.

1) Target

Our plan for the run is to observe one Taurus source per night.

The target for the first night of observations will be "LkCa 15".

In attachment you find an alt-az plot for an observation of 2 hours starting at HA -0.5h.

As you see the object culminates at the very beginning of the night, so it is very important to try to start observing as soon as possible to maximize the field rotation.

2) AO info

AO should use the "window" mode.

3) SV config files

We will use the "SV_Lmirc_LP" config; in the attached pdf you find a recap of the relevant files to be loaded.


Checked the ncpa link to SV_Lmirc_LP.

lrwxrwxrwx. 1 dxwunit dxwunit 18 Feb 13 15:31 SHARK -> SV_Lmirc_LP_direct

Focus z->

rwxrwxrwx. 1 dxwunit dxwunit 26 Feb 13 15:32 SHARK_ACE-AO -> SHARK_ACE-AO.lmircamLP.txt

AO table has window as fw1_obs.

pos0_name string "Blank"
pos1_name string "400-700nm"
pos2_name string "ND, OD3 T= 0.1%"
pos3_name string "ND, OD2 T= 1.0%"
pos4_name string "ND, OD1, T = 10%"
pos5_name string "Window"

Configuration table:

Screen Shot 2024-02-13 at 5.44.37 PM.png


Starting to open.

Wed Feb 14 01:15:17.643 2024 aos.PresetAO{FLAO}.started - PresetAO{FLAO}[6017] (aomode:ACE-AO,focst:bentGregorianCenter,instr:SHARK,wfs:LBTIWFS,sox:0[0],soy:0,rox:-0.0553911[-0.0553911],roy:7.13132e-08,mag:-0.37,cindex:0,,elev:nan,rotang:nan,grvang:nan,r0:0,skybr:nan,windsp:nan,winddir:nan)

send preset from webIIF.



Wed Feb 14 01:34:57.936 2024 aos.Stop{FLAO}.complete - Stop{FLAO}[6018]
Wed Feb 14 01:35:02.007 2024 aos.PresetAO{FLAO}.started - PresetAO{FLAO}[6019] (aomode:ACE-AO,focst:bentGregorianCenter,instr:SHARK,wfs:LBTIWFS,sox:0[0],soy:0,rox:-0.0370414[-0.0370414],roy:3.41167e-08,mag:11.61,cindex:0,,elev:nan,rotang:nan,grvang:nan,r0:0,skybr:nan,windsp:nan,winddir:nan)
Wed Feb 14 01:35:02.018 2024 - WFS source set to: LBTIWFS



force to go 14 bin2.

Fernado said that the flux should be higher.


Change Dichroic to Halpha

same results.

Sharvis reset motors.

Cancel preset.

Back for the default configuraiton.

lrwxrwxrwx. 1 dxwunit dxwunit 42 Feb 14 01:53 table_SHARK_ACE-AO.txt -> table_LBTI_ACE-AO_20230923_500m_1700Hz.txt

lrwxrwxrwx. 1 dxwunit dxwunit 26 Feb 13 15:32 SHARK_ACE-AO -> SHARK_ACE-AO.lmircamLP.txt

Preset sending through the AOS.

Wed Feb 14 02:30:00.216 2024 aos.PresetAO{FLAO}.started - PresetAO{FLAO}[6055] (aomode:ACE-AO,focst:bentGregorianCenter,instr:SHARK,wfs:LBTIWFS,sox:0[0],soy:0,rox:-0.04[-0.04],roy:0,mag:12.7,cindex:0,,elev:nan,rotang:nan,grvang:nan,r0:0,skybr:nan,windsp:nan,winddir:nan)



From shark-vis team same results.


change target to check the system


Screen Shot 2024-02-13 at 8.16.41 PM.png

Wed Feb 14 03:24:39.927 2024 aos.PresetAO{FLAO}.started - PresetAO{FLAO}[6061] (aomode:ACE-AO,focst:bentGregorianCenter,instr:SHARK,wfs:LBTIWFS,sox:0[0],soy:0,rox:-0.0180506[-0.0180506],roy:-1.34664e-07,mag:8.27,cindex:0,,elev:nan,rotang:nan,grvang:nan,r0:0,skybr:nan,windsp:nan,winddir:nan)


llop pause.

with lmirc dichoric: 13 pho/subap +fw1 400-700

remove shark dich.


remove the F! to window -> 47pho/subap

shark dck in->12.7


Passing to INAF

Changing to LBC.

-- JuanCarlosGuerra - 13 Feb 2024
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