Purpose, to determine the focus offset between LBTI and SNIR.

Tested dichroic thoroughput difference on sky on UT 2023 Dec 28


At that time it was found that the optimal focus for lbti was -8.5, and with the lmircam dichroic it was -8. The primary issue is finding a location where the source is visible on both lmircam and svis (no such place was located)
  • From UT20231228, bayside position for LBTI -36.857, -43.014 showed no vignette from dichroic.
  • From UT20240129, z stage for LBTI was found to be -5.7

UT20230107 23:47 starting up the LBTI WFS and setting up for tests
  • Noise pattern on OCAM to start. Rebinning resolved
  • Set sweetspots to sharktest
  • flat set with 620 modes
Personal emergency just came up. Argos arm parked, shell rested. The teams will see if Greg can help.

-- JenniferPower - 07 Feb 2024
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