• Open and ready to go.
  • Running ESM Bino Mag 13.1 SX 12.6 DX
  • Seeing has really exploded (it's 1.5", but I saw 2.5"), but ESM is chugging along.
  • Had an odd-ball problem with SX, it was applying a huge quatrofoil on the ASM. I cycled the BCU2K (for good measure), then restarted the processes and we re-sent the preset.
  • It was acting almost like the rerotator was very far off, like 90 degrees off, but I checked and the rerotator was fine. So, yeah restarted the software.
  • Seeing is somewhere between bad and abominable. The temp suddenly dropped quickly at about the time that the seeing went to pot.
  • We have 1.5 hrs left on this first target, then we'll see what Jochen wants to do.
  • The seeing has stabilized considerably.
  • New target multiply lensed quasar
  • Bin 3 270 Hz SX Mag 16.2 290 Hz DX Mag 15.8
  • Odd tip-tilt behavior on SX
  • 20240119_081501
  • 081606
  • 081638
  • Done

-- GregoryTaylor - 18 Jan 2024
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