There are some work on MODS troubleshooting. Lights on in the chamber.

Working with lower lights on.

Power on

ocam ok


change version:

Currently running: test.20231219.autofocuslucigui-exptime (soul)

OptLoopDiagnostic _78293|INF| 18|2024-01-17 18:39:35.046515 MAIN > Received AntiDrift enable request, but is it disabled in the configuration file.
OptLoopDiagnostic_78293|INF| 19|2024-01-17 18:56:05.726443 MAIN > Starting save of 10 frames
OptLoopDiagnostic_78293|INF| 20|2024-01-17 18:56:05.726475 MAIN > >> Sending command Save status request...
OptLoopDiagnostic_78293|DEB| 21|2024-01-17 18:56:05.726488 ARB-INTERFACE > Requesting command Save status to adsecarb.R@M_ADSEC...
OptLoopDiagnostic_78293|DEB| 22|2024-01-17 18:56:05.726674 ARB-INTERFACE > Message succesfully sent
OptLoopDiagnostic_78293|DEB| 23|2024-01-17 18:56:05.726692 ARB-INTERFACE > Waiting message reply: sender=adsecarb.R@M_ADSEC, code=2024
OptLoopDiagnostic_78293|DEB| 24|2024-01-17 18:56:06.726797 ARB-INTERFACE > Error in thWaitMsg: -5001 (Timeout error)
OptLoopDiagnostic_78293|ERR| 25|2024-01-17 18:56:06.726915 MAIN > Command Save status error
OptLoopDiagnostic_78293|ERR| 26|2024-01-17 18:56:06.726959 MAIN > Error saving AdSec status: (-1) Return from search routine (item not found)

error in the new an old gui.

[AOeng@soul-dxwfs SOUL]$ PYTHONPATH=/home/AOeng/soul/stable/aoroot/lib/python ~/soul/stable/aoroot/bin/
ccd47 interface loaded
using a non-integer number instead of an integer will result in an error in the future
using a non-integer number instead of an integer will result in an error in the future
integer argument expected, got float
commanded pos: 50.5993
real pos: 50.599
ssh "echo /home/lucifer/lcsp/bin/ wait pause 2 2 2 | /bin/bash"
Traceback (most recent call last):
File "/home/AOeng/soul/stable/aoroot/bin/", line 25, in buttonStart_clicked
tracknum, positions = autoFocusLuci( self, zRange = zRange, numSamples = numSamples, numFrames = numFrames)
File "/home/AOeng/soul/stable/aoroot/lib/python/AdOpt/", line 151, in autoFocusLuci
savedir, positions = autofocus47( app, zRange=zRange, numSamples=numSamples, numFrames=numFrames, saveImages=True, findPeak = False, useCCD = luci)
File "/home/AOeng/soul/stable/aoroot/lib/python/AdOpt/", line 104, in autofocus47
frameCube[:,:,pos] = frames_lib.averageFrames( ccd.get_frames( numFrames, type='pixels'), useFloat=True)
ValueError: could not broadcast input array from shape (2048,2048) into shape (256,256)

Luci is set up and takes image, after the first image the python shows an error.

Found the error.

The expected image size is 256,256.

The exp time only accept integers.

Once the luci frames were set to 256 256 the scrpts worked.

Runs two focus run for N30 camera.
  • Setup luci filter clear/H.
  • Exptime 3 seconds, ndit=5
  • subwindow 256,256
Focus script for DX found focus qt 55.9 the value that we have for with and without ncpa.



revert SW version for night time.

Check power on

ocam not live.
  • power cycle bcu2k and set 1x1 cropped
  • ocam ok
power off

-- JuanCarlosGuerra - 17 Jan 2024
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