LBTO: Juan CArlos, Sam, doug, John

Observer: SHARK-VIS Team (telescope control room)


Authorize shark.

Chamber temperature -5.1C

check filters flux not Shark-vis dichroic.

Filter | Ocam mag

400-700 11.5

window: 11.9

od#1 11.3

Close loop setup

WFS shark -focus; shark_ace-ao.lmircamLP.txt

NCPA: SV_Lmirc_LP_direct

close loop



the OD#1 gives more flux than the dichroic.

running rewrite gopt.


PSF moving using the bayside stage respect shark view.

It is a diagonal movement.

+bayX, shark bottom to up.left to right

+bayY shark right to left

Shark-vis running the camera tests, checking internal TT


12:06 rotating building for ice.

Loop pause.

resume OK.

  • Open loop due to a reset of shark-vis that it removed the dichroic.
It should be an alarm to indicate that the instrument is reseted to avoid an adsec stop.

Stop at 01:16

hexapod conf:

-4.78 , -4.5,.073.248,-64

chamber temperature -4.7

-- JuanCarlosGuerra - 08 Jan 2024
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