LBTO: Juan CArlos, Alessandro, Leroy.



Check fastlink that it failed last Sunday checks.

The WFS was connected with the wrong pair of fibers. Fibers swap and Adsec working.

With the adswec receiving frames, two test were done using the script: ./ -f and manual close loop. The script worked.


check fastlink.

Swap fibers to WFS_AO_Fastlink.


close loop eng mode.

  • setup Adsec for bin1.
  • Focal setaion: bengregorian front.
  • gain=0,
  • WFS; bin1, 1500Hz,3l/d,emGain1.
Loop closed.


frames worked.

Output in the terminal

rojection matrix for zernikes not found: zero matrix will be used
% READFITS: Now reading 672 by 672 array

Testing fastlink...
Fastlink test OK. 5204.0000 frames received

Durng the close loop observed in the Mirror Gui some pie shapes

Mirror GUI shows time to time a pie shape crate#0 for pos, force and commands.

saving TN to grab telemetry and possible catch an event ..

TN:20230925_172457,_172556,_172622,_172743,_172820(showes pie in comm and force),_172851(pie positions),_173927,_173016,_173049(pie force,commands),_


Shell rest.

WFs power off.

-- JuanCarlosGuerra - 25 Sep 2023
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