LBTO: Juan CArlos, Jenny, Greg.

Observer: Roberto and Fernando (Shark-vis)


Check of dichroic vignetting. With a defocused image of the argos source showed a clear vignettng for Halpha and L20T. To be investigated further.

Alignment LBTI with ALE fov.

OCAm not issues of hipcup of not live.


Set shell.

Power on WFS.

19:21:22.917293| MAIN > Maximum mode index used to apply flat -> # 621 Ocam OK.

Send a preset from AOS.

Positons for the bayside stage defined in the fovselect.

aligned the PSF using the hexapod on the CCD47 to the Py-hotspot.

defocused image to have a better sense of vignetting

Moving Shark dich.

Default/No dichroic. Not vignetting.

LMIR cam dichroic largest. TN:_195524 Not vignetting.

Halhpa in: _195912 vignetting

L20: _200038 vignetting

open: _200143

2:00 pm



we are on standby, shell rest because we are not doing anything.

Adsec rest

test with forerunner position.

Not soruce fdound, it requires a bit more time to get the source.

3:00 wrp up

Adsec rest.

Ocam safe.

argos cal unit parked. light off.

-- JuanCarlosGuerra - 25 Sep 2023
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