8:30 Starting up WFS. Master diagnostics kept going down. Restarted fab 3: MasterDiag, BCU Processes and WFS Arb. Rebinned and back up.

8:51 Presetting to NGC 6764 - Mag 15.2
  • Closing bin3 365Hzm estimated OCAM mag 15.5
  • Optical gain and NCPA on, tt0.77, ho1 0.06, ho2 0.01
  • 5.5 photons/subapp
  • extended source, point like sources correcting at 0.1'
9:20 Safeskip after returning from nudge caused open loop. reoptimize, reapply optical gain. then a nudge so paused, then applied NCPA. Resumed script.


9:57 Seeing 0.83" on the DIMM, TN 095721

10:06 Zero Slope, reoptimize resolved.

11:17 Science all done. Stopped AO, setting safe on WFS.

-- JenniferPower - 06 Jul 2023
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