Upon setup I found the DX BCY47 on LBTI unpingable. Not necessary for preset tests but needed for next week

Authorized SHARK on the left and None on the right

1)18:40 Succeessful SHARK NIR Track preset to Polaris using the SHARKNIR web interface

2) Successful LEFT ACETRACK preset through LBTI WebIO

Authorized SHARK on the left and LBTI on the right

3) Sent Left sync track preset for SHARK. The following error appeared immediately before I could send the other side:
FAILED: preset: Alert: ::IIF_PresetTelescope() PresetTelescope execution failed: Requested side (left sync) not allowed for this proxy (SHARKNIR_SASHAWS)

4) Snet a Right Sync track preset for LBTI (which worked previously). Immediately failed:

preset: Alert: IIF PresetTelescope error: PresetTelescope execution failed: Requested side (right) not allowed for this proxy (LBTI LBTO-INDI Gateway)

Sending a "left" preset (not sync) sent a sync preset to the IIF

19:21 Stopping sxwfs software so Xianyu can do some work on CCD47

presetting issues on teh Right side resolved by a restart of the IIF.

  • Authorize LBTI-LBTI
  • LBTI both track preset success
  • LBTI left track success
  • LBTI right track success
  • Authorize LBTI-NONE
  • LBTI track left success
  • Authorize NONE-LBTI
  • LBTI track right success
  • Authorize SHARK-LBTI
  • LBTI sync right success, SHARK sync right failed
Failure understood now. It is related to SHARK using preset type "left sync'' and not left. Paul is working on the code.

-- JenniferPower - 26 Apr 2023
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