• Power on
  • Ocam OK


20K frames TN:_204523

there s visible the spots of the "bad" actuators.

Bin1 Rotation

  • Down
  • Ok
  • Up
  • ok.


bin2 rotation.

Sat Feb 11 21:07:54.831 2023 aos.AcquireRef{FLAO}.complete - AcquireRef {FLAO}[1509] - dx:-1.22239 dy:1.7267 slNull: f1:0.0 f2:1.0 freq:1700 mag:0 nBins:1 nModes:501 r0:nan snMode:0 strehl:0 ttMod:0
Sat Feb 11 21:08:19.158 2023 aos.PresetAO{FLAO}.started - PresetAO {FLAO}[1510] (aomode:ACE-AO,focst:bentGregorianFront,instr:LUCIFER,wfs:FLAOWFS,sox:0[0],soy:0,rox:0[0],roy:0,mag:13,cinde

Over-illuminaiton test.

runnning the system and the ocam went in overillumination, the loop keeps on- triggerering the skip frames and until the preset is cancel the skip frames continues.

-- ToDO.

If an over-illumination is flag the loop should be open and cancel the preset of the command is canceled.

cancel preset.

shutter 65



FLAO gui hung n close loop step.

loop open stopAO done.

to exit this AOARB stop/start.


The enable RR mode goes enable and disable every preset.

The enable RR mode is cancel ?


This triggered in one preset ao that the offload went to the primary and triggered the PANIC, stop.

Call the mountain to recover the primary.

Sat Feb 11 22:18:46.175 2023 - Updated variable AOARB.L.RR_ENABLED: 1

mirror recovered.

preset AO



forward OK.


presetaO Bin1
  • PSF no disturbance with Luci
  • TN+Luci: 20230211_225026,_225146
  • oscillating

Stop 3:40PM

-- JuanCarlosGuerra - 11 Feb 2023
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