Authorized SHARK, stowpins in, ARGOS source deployed.
  • John set the tertiary positions to 580, 40 with authorization so no need to apply global offsets anymore
  • Secondary global offsets:
    • 0.8, 0.44, -1.182, 306, -677, 0
  • Set the SHARK files up
    • SHARK ACE table

      setup symlink for
      table_SHARK_ACE-AO.txt -> table_LBTI_ACE-AO.500m900Hz_20221109.txt
      verified latest pupils in place for 500 mode reconstruction, also for 1700Hz 500 mode reconstructor.

    • SHARK ncpa in
      Symlink SHARK points to temp table SHARK_test
    • Bayside positions: shark positions saved for x & y positions 66.5, 20.0
      created SHARK_ACE-AO in setups for z stage position and verified set to 62.0

  • Sent ACE presets through AOS and verified the requested ACE table was read in successfully, NCPA applied as requested, etc.
Tests a full success. Shuttung down.,

-- JenniferPower - 10 Nov 2022
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