• Created a google doc to facilitate the image copies.
  • During the first preset there was an error triggered for a missing file in the conf directroy. The file was restored from the aorrot.latest directory. email to Greg, Doug and contacted Brandon about this issue.
  • Bin1 close loop stable, SR peak at 70%.(FeII), modalSR ~80%
  • Bin3 bright end ~40% (FeII).
  • Bin4 close loop ok, optimize gain finished, the magnitude moved to 18.5 and the loop can not hold. Not oportunity to complete a sequence of images.
  • Bin2 Not time to perform a full close loop. Time gone for AO and switching to Pepsi.
  • Issue related to a missing file in the setups directory. To recover the operaitons cp the missing file from aoroot.latests/*/setups/LUCIFER_ACE/TTM-AO


Link to a google doc. SOUL DRIVE/NightTime_logs



Missing files in teh setups directory.

python_118654 |ERR| 314|2022-09-29 01:43:58.165849| MAIN > [AOException] presetAO: WARNING - RETRY: No setup for instrument LUCIFER, mode ACE-AO: [Errno 2] No such file or directory: '/home/AOeng/live/aoroot/calib/wfs/current/setups/LUCIFER_ACE-AO' (-20004) WFSARB_ARG_ERROR

-- JuanCarlosGuerra - 28 Sep 2022
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