1:07 Changing adsec and WFS Software

  • Rest shell, power off

  • adsc_stop

  • use_soul test.20220602.setz0-bank-a-only -> does not exist, hmmmmmm

  • use_soul test.20220602.setz0-bank-a -> found it

  • Logout and in, adsc_start

  • Power on, load program, set flat. Note that load program took and exceptionally long time. Flat set with 635 modes.

  • w_stop_all

  • use_soul test.20220602.setz0-bank-a-only (it is correct for wft to have only here)

  • w_start_all - housekeeper did not connect first time so stop start (took 3 tries)

  • Powering up but will hold off cooling until second half

7:40 Cooling OCAM. We will be switching to LUCI AO in 30 min or so.

8:55 Sending OSCO script to HD230519.
  • Steve ran in AUTO (which did not apply NCPA for first image luci1.20220607.009)
  • With Optical gain of 0.443 tt1.23, ho1 0.29, 0.21
  • OCAM magnitude 8.8
  • Adsec Arb offline at 9:04:45 while closed loop. Did not see a Pause AO when offsetting.

9:10 Resending preset for OSCO
  • We opened as soon as NCPA was applied. Optical gain was 0.343
  • Reclosing, TN 92005, 092035 were taken just after rapplying NCPA. Things appear stable this time with GOpt at 0.4
  • gains of 1.23, 0.3, 0.29 with GOpt of 0.374 shortly after closing.
  • Again on the offset - failure 09:23:20 put the adsec into failure. We did not have any safe skips prior to failure, but saw this as soon as the offset occurred.
    AdSecArbitrator_52162|WAR|       195|2022-06-07 09:22:21.917055|             MAIN > Skip frame detected! (0.11% of frames skipped.)
    AdSecArbitrator_52162|WAR|       196|2022-06-07 09:23:13.991422|             MAIN > Skip frame detected! (1.89% of frames skipped.)
    AdSecArbitrator_52162|ERR|       197|2022-06-07 09:23:23.555174|     ALERTHANDLER > Received an ERROR alert! Forcing Failure state.
    AdSecArbitrator_52162|ERR|       198|2022-06-07 09:23:23.555243|     ALERTHANDLER > Alert message: COILS DISABLED from fastdiagn.L
    AdSecArbitrator_52162|INF|       199|2022-06-07 09:23:23.611274|     ALERTHANDLER > Received from masterdiagnostic.L a DumpSaved alert with filename /local/aolog/2022/06/07/ADAPTIVE-SECONDARY_00001654593803_20220607_092323.bin
    AdSecArbitrator_52162|INF|       200|2022-06-07 09:23:23.611302|     ALERTHANDLER > Processdump is skipped
    AdSecArbitrator_52162|ERR|       201|2022-06-07 09:23:27.614295|     ALERTHANDLER > Received an ERROR alert! Forcing Failure state.
  • Did not see a Pause AO when offsetting.
9:37. Barry was insistent that we continue testing the setz0 bank A version, but on a bin2 star. I am not condfident in this and have said that any further failures and we will revert. Slewing to bin2 star
  • Catalog magnitude 12.84, OCAM magnitude 14.6
  • Bin3 freq 885, mod 3, EM Gain 600
  • Gains before optical gain 3.72, 0.15, 0.10, Optical gain of 0.226, No NCPA to start.
  • TN 094665, seeing 0.88"
  • Executed script with NCPA off with in field dithers and sky offsets. AO pause executed without issue

  • turning on NCPA and executing the same script as we did with NCPA off
  • TN 100221
    TN 100316 was taken during offset
  • GOpt GUI shows status: "Suspended because loop is not closed" during Pause AO
  • Optical gain is now around 0.178 with 0.88" seeing
8:17 Sending preset to HD349137, Catalog magnitude 11.8
  • Target send as bin1 but too faint to center pupils. Manually centered and executed check flux to push to bin2 for close loop
  • Bin2 Noisy quadrants lower left and upper right TN102343, change of binning resolved.
  • Optical gain of 0.118, gains of 2.1, 0.25, 0.14 with optical gain on, NCPA off
  • bin2, freq 839, mod 3, ocam gain 600, seeing 0.86"
  • Several sky offsets, the offaxis guide star remained in patrol field but we were still able to remain closed.
  • OCAM estimated magnitude is 13.0

  • 11:50 NCPA on, TN105001
  • Optical gain has been slowily trending downwars, although seeing has improved....0.10 now.
11:08 Preset to bin1 target, BD+03 3598
  • Catalog magnitude:9.0
  • Pupils were really far off to start with center pupils and caused safe skips walking star off. Recentered star and slid camera lens to closer align pupils to start
  • OCAM magnitude 10.4
  • gaine 8.05, 0.62, 0.57 before optical gain GOPt at 0.155 and pretty jumpy.
  • We had a ton of tip tilt , then suddenly forced failure statue on teh adsec11:19:43 (TN111944)
AdSecArbitrator_55664|ERR|      1146|2022-06-07 11:19:43.894886|     ALERTHANDLER > Received an ERROR alert! Forcing Failure state.
AdSecArbitrator_55664|ERR|      1147|2022-06-07 11:19:43.894968|     ALERTHANDLER > Alert message: COILS DISABLED from housekeeper.L
AdSecArbitrator_55664|INF|      1148|2022-06-07 11:19:43.955818|     ALERTHANDLER > Received from masterdiagnostic.L a DumpSaved alert with filename /local/aolog/2022/06/07/ADAPTIVE-SECONDARY_00001654600783_20220607_111943.bin
AdSecArbitrator_55664|INF|      1149|2022-06-07 11:19:43.955859|     ALERTHANDLER > Processdump is skipped
AdSecArbitrator_55664|INF|      1150|2022-06-07 11:19:44.583184|   COMMANDHANDLER > FSM (status: Failure) has received command 2024 (Save status)
AdSecArbitrator_55664|ERR|      1151|2022-06-07 11:19:44.583236|   COMMANDHANDLER > adsecarb: Fsm is discarding command 2024 (Save status)..

Continued safeskips after failure.

-- JenniferPower - 07 Jun 2022
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