20220503_DX_Day. LBTI AO, Day 1

17:00 (UT) /local/aomeas/adsec_calib/flat/20220422_191142/flattening.sav - has a small bump at 565 (force +0.12)
  • 17:00 (UT) RB temperature 4.7C small bump at 565 (force +0.11)
  • 18:00 (UT) RB temperature 5.1C small bump at 565 (force +0.10)
  • 18:43 (UT) RB temp 5.4C after re-flattening 565 (force +0.04, also 628 has a force of -0.16)

After many attempts at acquiring the ARGOS swing arm reference source, we found that the light from the source does not reach the back of the DX ASM, tomorrow we will switch to retro-reflector

-- GuidoBrusa - 04 May 2022
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