4:59 Preset to pointing and collimation near first target

SpARCS Tail. AOref catalog magnitude 13.53. Some clouds tonight. Seeing on the DIMM 1.3", 1" on the WFS

5:06 Preset to SpARCS tail. Seeing 1-0.9"

Rotator @ 16 and the camera lens is saturated in Y but pupils centered. Tried sliding around the camera lens and recentering pupils but it continues to rail to get a good solution. This was in bin 3. BUT checked flux because we have clouds to try and bump to bin4 which worked.. Camera lens still saturated in Y but hopefully more forgiving...

SpARCS Tail with AORef 13.53 catalog mag, estimated magnitude on OCAM 15.4, some clouds starting to come in. Seeing variable, seeing 1" on the luci2 guider, 1.5" on the DIMM
  • bin4, freq 400, 10.3 photons/subapp, ~54 counts average pupil intensity.
  • rotator 16 to start with camera lens railed in Y. chamber temperature 5.5C
No issues with the camera lens. It did remain railed. The pupil alignment bounced around -0 up to -20 so ok.

6:47. Thick clouds moved in. Insuficient counts on the WFS and loop opened

6:50 we are moving on from this target.

-- JenniferPower - 28 Mar 2022
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