change version to:

[AOeng@sxadsec source]$ use_soul test.20220222.reorder-gain-ramp

[AOeng@soul-sxwfs source]$ use_soul
Usage: use_soul [version]
Currently running: latest (soul)

02:29:00.627788| MAIN > Maximum mode index used to apply flat -> # 635


Update autogain.conf and AO table for night tests.
  • Bin2 number of iterations to 4
  • Bin3 Low endGopt amplitude from 20e-9 to 30e-9

WfsArbitrator _138163|INF| 161|2022-03-05 02:54:22.346435| MAIN > Timeout waiting for mercury.L.STATUS - TIMEOUT_ERROR
WfsArbitrator_138163|ERR| 162|2022-03-05 02:54:22.346522| MAIN > Exception: Timeout waiting for mercury.L.STATUS
WfsArbitrator_138163|ERR| 163|2022-03-05 02:54:22.346591| MAIN > Timeout waiting for mercury.L.STATUS (-5001) TIMEOUT_ERROR

cube rotqtor timeout doing the Init.

power cycle cube rotator


close dome for NCPA.

Doug perfomed.

-- JuanCarlosGuerra - 05 Mar 2022
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