LBTO:Alessandro, Juan Carlos

Arcetri: Enrico,Simone


It was observed a large driff of the pupils in the Y direction that it saturated in both positive and negative, it was impossible to find a position where a rotation could be completed.

The inspection in the AGW showed that the OCAm was pivoting and this could explained the large drift of the pupils.

The intervention planned was to hold the camera using some lateral clamps to stop the movement.

Access to the AGW, three clamps were installed, that it showed to hold the camera for moving. rotation check using the internal source was perfomed and estimated about 3 pixels drift. using the Argos Calibraiton Source it has been found a position of the pupils that a 360 rotation can be done with a slight saturation in Y direction.



Brifing with Enrico. Clamp the ocam and check position and rotation.


Access to the telescope at horizon.

using scissor lift to access the extension ring and jump to the AGW. Alessandro executer.

A modificaiton of the front clamp was done to allow to have a large surface touching the camera.

See images:

Image from iOS-3.jpg

Image from iOS-4.jpg

Starting to measure the pupils.

12:20 PM

First rotation with the internal source.

it shows a drift of 5 pixels. looking at the results with Enrico and he check the split, it seems that there is about 2 pixels to correct with the Split. Because the internal pupils are larger the current split could produce an error in the measurements where one pupil could end up illuminatred the next.

Adjusting the camer alens to have the red circle just at the right split. With that position a rotation was done and it showed about 3 pixels drift, much better....

Deploy of the Argos Cal unit.
  • preset mag 11.
  • Close loop.
  • freq to 100. EMG=496, 10L/D.
First test showed the pupils too far for X and in agood range for y.

Three more shift applied.

Rotation->360 to 0

Pupil 215958

Binx=1, biny=5



0 to 360





Shift x=1,y=-3
  • 360 to 0



Saturation 300 just a bit.


This pupils seems quite good and it will need to move up in X.

-- JuanCarlosGuerra - 10 Nov 2021
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