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Measurements of the pupils positions using the Argos Cal Unit and the internal light source. Those reference positions will be used for the alignment of the OCAM during the dismount/mount of the ocam.


Test preset and close loop.

The loop close, but it is not sending any commands to the adsec. The adsec said AO running and close loop but not executing any commands.

loop open.

WFS bcu2k power cycle and it didn;t improve the sistuation.

WFS masterdiagnotic process stop/start and it didn't work.

Decided to have a clean Adsec start and adsc_stop/start executed.

preset AO and close loop satisfactory.

With the loop close started to acquire data.

close the loop

ARGOS Cal Unit:

  • TN: 20211028_200352
  • Rot: 0degrees
  • CL: Y=9, X=100
  • Pupils:20211023_215958

ARGOS Cal Unit2:

  • TN: 20211028_201344
  • Rot: 0degrees
  • CL: Y=-12, X=+100
  • Pupils:20211023_215958

Pennina internal:

  • TN: 20211028_202330
  • Rot: 0degrees
  • CL: Y=-50, X=+50
  • Pupils:20211023_215958


Using Cal Unit 2 and Pennina internal, I computed a translation.

Pupil shift: X=4.3px; Y=0.9px

CL shift: X=50units; Y=-38units

Since we checked the CL to OCAM pixels being:

X: -25u=+0.8px (it should be 1)

Y: -25u=+1.0px

The resultant vector will be:



Where +/- is the same direction of the pupil position measured on the GUI (opposite to the camera lens motion)jg.

Screesnhot of pennina and close loop pupil illumination.

Internal Pupils.png

ARGOS Cal Unit Pupils.png ARGOS Cal Unit Pupils2.png

-- JuanCarlosGuerra - 28 Oct 2021
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