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Alignment of the WFS with an improvement of the PSF using the mode 7 and 8 to correct the coma. This was done in an open loop. The argos cal unit is aligned, Telesacope pupil can be visualize in the pupils and it not observed any vignetting. The pupil image are well corrected, it still requires an extra correction. The internal pupil using the penina was measured doing a rotation test. Following the pupil position error , it is not visible any jumps during the rotations test from 341 to 0 and back to 420.

I had soe bad connection, but it improved later in the morning.


Telescope release at 7:40AM.

8:20 AM.
  • Power on OK.
Setup the hexapod with yesterday position as starting point: 3.8,1.7,-1.45,80,-40.
  • Test the script and it showed some error messages, sent to Greg to debug the script.
Using the AOS to acquire the source, there was not any problem.

The PSF still shows coma and a manual correciton is started to have some reasonable PSF to illuminate the WFS.

Fine coma correction using mode 7 and 8 from the PSF GUI.
  • The WFS configuratio: 100 Hz, Mod:30l/D GEM:600.
  • TN:20210904_182813.
11:29 Rotation test.

Perform a fine alignment and correction.
  • Save a board setup named: argoscalunit.
  • A fine heaxpod alignment: 2.58, 1.6,-1.53,108,-105.
* Setup internal source.

Load boardsetup and fine adjustment of the bayside stage to have an even pupil illumination.
  • Change rotation speed to 1deg/sec.
  • Moving in 1steps of 00 degrees.
Saved a board setup named internalpenina.


From 341 to 0 ->420->0>341.


12:20 PM. POWER OFF.



-- JuanCarlosGuerra - 04 Sep 2021
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