LBTO:Juan CArlos, Brandon


Check the system and perform a pupil illuminaiton at high modulation. Proper illuminaiton for the pupils and a rotation check.

The alignment of the Argos Cal unit was done, there are hexapod position to start. The AOS commands went through after mounting the disk.


  • Power on. OK.
  • Acquire the Argos Cal Unit source using the last values, a small correction required.
Position: 3.5,2.3,-1.45,31.4,-30.29,0

The coma is still too high. Attempt to reduce the coma.

  • Launching the PresetAO from AOs showed an error:
Fri Sep 3 19:31:44.037 2021 aos.PresetAO{FLAO}.failed - PresetAO{FLAO}[116] - [AOException] presetAO: FATAL - [Errno 2] No such file or directory: '/local/aomeas/adsec_calib/M2C/KL_v20/RECs/Rec_20190930_161000.fits'

After discussing with Doug, the directory was checked to see if it was that the directory was not mount.

Mount the directory: sudo mount -a.

After the mount the presetAO went through.
  • Using the Acquire ref comamnd to center the PSF in the pyramid and it was not all pupils well visisble. It is still require to get a better coma corrections.
  • I had the viewer with a very very low refresh and it was hard to get a feedback for the coma correciton.
  • Suspend the activity for tomorrow.
  • Power OFF WFS.
  • Adsec Rest.
  • Retract Argos Cal Unit.

-- JuanCarlosGuerra - 03 Sep 2021
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