0:38 Reviewed with David the wsf_init command. He went through it this afternoon. He powered up the wfs and cooled it without issue.

Carefully monitoring particles for signs of smoke

2:15 OSCO preset sent in intervention mode. David is running though it. Seeing was 0.97-1.03" on the guider prior to starting, during the collimation.

Gains 3.78, 0.65, 0.54, apply optical gain -> 0.251 and we are off and taking a set with NCPA off.
  • ?
2:26 Taking a set with NCPA enabled. Seeing 1.13" on the DIMM
  • TN#20210410_023326 tail -f wfsarb.L.202104100000.log | perl -ne 'if(/WfsArbScripts\.saveStatus.+Data_([0-9]+?_[0-9]+?)\/wfs\.fits/){print "$1\n"}'


only one? I'm pretty sure david saved more, but the timestamps on the others do not seems consistent with OSCO.

-- JenniferPower - 10 Apr 2021
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