0:24 Execute WFS_Init. Housekeeping came up "init"

Allocating buffer status table with capacity 200...

Master diag remains in init even after cycle and OCAM not live

Cycle fab 4: BCU Interface, Slope computer ctrl, OCAM2k controller, mater Diagnostic. No impact.

Stop start - no change

the Masterdiagnotistic continues to show init and OCAM still not live

Powering off: thAOApp instance has no attribute 'fw2'

Powered off manually thought the WFS Hardware control gui then wfs_init. Still came up with Master_diag with shared buffer issue.

wfs_init - still no change

wfs_init - still no change

w_stop_all, W_start_all. No change, the shared buffer issues persist. Ok, looking at reverting.

Reverting to the software. From new to old version:
log into soul-sxwfs
cd /home/AOeng/SOUL.latest
source flao_environment.sh
sudo su
cp /etc/init/keepUp.conf.old /etc/init/keepUp.conf
cd /home/AOeng/SOUL
source flao_environment.sh 

updated .bashrc to revert to old.

WFS is powered up and ready to go

7:56 Winds have remained high all of the first half. Powering off the WFS for the night. No AO tonight.. No issues with the power off.

-- JenniferPower - 30 Mar 2021
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