LBTO: Juan Carlos

LBTI:Amali, Jared

Arcetri: Enrico, Alfio and Fabio


The Alignmet of RR took time to get the light source. Once the source was found and bin1 close loop was performed and the setup for acquistion of the IM was done. It was observed in the WFS images that there are three "dots" which affects the acqusition of the IM.

It has been explore if this is in the WFS or RR side.

Move camera alens, the feature moves.

Moved the LBTI entrance dichroic and the "feature" still there.


Alignment of the RR.

The spiral search didn't find the source, it was by changin the Rx and Ry positions with a defocused of 3mm to catch any passing light.

General view of the source centered in the WFS and CCD47. The PSF values are displayed.

Collimation values:
x y z Rx Ry Rz
4.8 0.8 0 345 -530 0


The acquisition of the IM was done for Bin2. Observing this feature, a process to investigate this feature started..

Attach image of the "dots feature" observed in the WFS images.

Pupil image at close loop.


Load default LBTI flat,. Rest/Set the Shell. Always is was there.

A new reconstructed was built with the a good rms around 0.2. But looking at carefully the lower modes there is visible the dots.

Moved the cube rotator, camera lens and LBTI dichroic, the feature is still there and it seems that it can be in the RR. It was decided to stop here for further investigation. The Argos Cal Unit can be install to verify that the WFS side is fine.

Modes representation.


Comparison with Night time.


-- JuanCarlosGuerra - 17 Mar 2021
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