Test new update of the SW to improve the message daemosn and masterdiagnotuic processes. Arcetri detected a "bump" in the actuator 21 and it was reported to Guido. Guido peformed additional checks and the system was release to SW tests and posteriori close l;oop checks.


Arcetri tested the new SW for better management of the message daemons and masterdiagnostic.

Arcetri detected that the Adsec showed a "bump" around the actuator #
  • "Hi Julian,

    just a quick report on the tests of the gap. We proceeded with the test with unit retracted and found that this 'bump' at act#021 is decreasing in magnitude with decreasing elevation both with unit deployed as well as with unit retracted. In summary it appears to be a 'contamination' and not a 'gap opening' which we have seen in other locations where the magnet had been detached. As to what it causing this 'bump' it is still a 'mystery', since with actuator force disabled (in act_wo_curr) we do not expect that the magnet should interfere with the gap.

    Thank you,

    Guido and Xianyu "

  • Dear all,

    The master diagnostic fix version on SX AdSec is ready for tomorrow (Tuesday) test.

    To run this version, please activate the "flao" environment file at /home/aoeng/soul/soul.masterfix/, which will make the following changes:

    1. ADOPT_SOURCE is at /home/aoeng/soul/soul.masterfix
    2. ADOPT_ROOT is at /home/aoeng/soul/aoroot.masterfix

Please let me know if you have any questions.


P.S., today's Message Daemon fix was successful.

-- JuanCarlosGuerra - 08 Mar 2021
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