SOUL DX Internal Checkout. Follow up

  1. Connecting to the WFS
  2. WFS powered on through the Operate sequence
  3. CCD47 sees a lot of light (from the chamber) in both quadrant! Turning lights off in the chamber.
  4. CCD47 background taken: 20210120_200459
  5. CCD47 TN: 20210120_201617 (, 'FLAOWFS', '', '/local/aomeas/adsec_data/20210120/Data_20210120_201617/psf.fits', 10)
  6. Turning Cube rot and lin ON, also lamp ON
  7. Restoring the board setup: 28 Jan 20 - cleanroom04. This moved the filter wheel 1 to -0.39. Setting up the FW1 to dichroic 600-1000 the vignetting was removed.
  8. We see the light on the CCD47
  9. OCAM2K shows at least one pupil
  10. Cube stage moved OK
  11. Cube rotator moved OK
  12. Bayside stages moved OK
  13. ADC1 moved OK
  14. ADC2 moved OK
  15. Filterwheel1 moved OK
  16. Filterwheel2 moved OK
  17. TipTilt High level worked OK
  18. TipTilt low level worked OK
  19. Rerotator moved OK
  20. Camera lens worked OK
The four pupils are not centered in their quadrants. They actually cross the quadrants. We are probably coming in with an angle from the cube. We should find a different set of cube rotator / bayside stages position in order to verify if the internal setup is aligned.

We restored the Board setup and took a tracking number. See TN: 20210120_213056 (there is the vignetting of the FW1). We took another on after moving the FW1 (TN: 20210120_213947).

Centered the stages, TN: 20210120_214622

Parking the cube rotator and stage, turning lamp OFF.

Turning the WFS off.

-- AlessandroCavallaro - 20 Jan 2021
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