SOUL DX Internal Checkout


Follow up of the activity to wakeup SoulDX with the internal alignment of the pupils.

Team: Alessandro and Juan Carlos. Dave, Gustavo and Greg connected


Power up. No OK.

The power up reported and error the communications.

Crop of the error message:

WfsArbitrator _48245|ERR| 68|2021-01-22 18:26:26.632546| MAIN > Exception: Missing network connection with ts8 dx. Check network cable and 110V line
WfsArbitrator_48245|ERR| 69|2021-01-22 18:26:26.632568| MAIN > Missing network connection with ts8 dx. Chec


Power cycle the WFS.

It reported an error and checking the System processes list the P2K controller was down. Start the process and POwer ON again without problems.

Crop of the error message:

WfsArbitrator_48245|INF| 96|2021-01-22 18:32:42.094057| MAIN > Timeout waiting for pinger.R.bcu47 - TIMEOUT_ERROR
WfsArbitrator_48245|ERR| 97|2021-01-22 18:32:42.094093| MAIN > Exception: Timeout waiting for pinger.R.bcu47
WfsArbitrator_48245|ERR| 98|2021-01-22 18:32:42.094112| MAIN > Timeout waiting for pinger.R.bcu47 (-5001) TIM

Stop activity due scheduled network work and LBTI science preparation.

At 2:30PM decided to cancel the activity and schedule for the next week.
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