ps aux | perl -e 'while(<>){if(/^[A-Za-z]+\s+([0-9]+).+auxloops$/){print "$1\n"}}' | xargs kill -9

export bob=0

tail -F | perl -ne '$bob = $ENV{bob}; if(/SafeSkipFrameCnt\s\>\s(.+)$/){if($1 = $bob){print $_; $bob = $1; $ENV{bob} = $bob}}'

  • Running OK. The pupils are aligned (very well, to my eye), but a big bunch of noise in the lower left hand corner is making it so that the pupil check is locking on to that, I think.
  • It's running so smoothly that I decided to run with it.
  • I tried to fix it during a long, off target offset. I was unable to do so.
  • Sent the preset again, after re-starting the BCU2K and the masterdiagnostic
  • No noise now.
  • Pupil check is happy, as well as GOPT

  • Did a seeing limited observation for a bit, now back to AO
  • Had a brief issue with the pupils again.... John and Dave fixed it
  • 20201219_084250, 20201219_084343, 20201219_084413, 20201219_084446
  • Had to manually resume the loop. The GOPT GUI needed to have its buttons pressed again, then GOPT eventually stabilized.
  • Shell rip, unknown cause
  • We were about to go to the next target anyway.
  • New preset
  • Forgot to restart the WFS processes after recovering the adsec....
  • We had a problem with the camera lens being at its limit.
  • We rotated the PA by -180 and started again
  • 20201219_132125,

:-- GregoryTaylor - 19 Dec 2020
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