20201126_SX_Night LBTB Science

01:06 System all ready
  • Set elevation limit to 26 after chamber open. Needed for PEPSI second half but not for LBTB first half
  • Had trouble with telescope/building positions. Took a bit of time so not enough time to do OSCO
  • Andrew had to manually move the N30 camera (?) and then align so a bit more time.
  • All is ready for 12 degree twilight and science

01:11 First object is photometric standard in SL

01:28 Preset to Einstein Cross
  • Preset sent 14.9 but seeing 16.9
  • From bin 3 to bin 4
  • Optimize gain take form 01:30 to 01:32
  • gains 3.6, 2.7, 0.1
  • seeing 1.1 - 1.25
  • GOPT GUI not seeing any signal. Red KO
  • ein.jpg:

01:45 Received StopAO after preset was canceled by IIF
  • telescope off target too long
  • Josh try to move telescope manually but no motion
  • maybe torques too high. Stopped and started El Drive
  • OK now

02:03 rerotator in error on WFS Control GUI
  • Pause closed loop
  • stopped started rerotator control process
  • Homed when restarted. Took two minutes
  • Still in error
  • *ERROR* was due to Instrument rotator was a -7 (below 0)
  • Josh rotated LUCI rotator to +360
  • Andrew resend preset
  • All OK, for now

02:20 Loop closed
  • on Process GUI see "Optical gain" process staying at Green:UP for about six seconds then Red:Down for a second then Green:UP for another 6.
  • In the "Optical gain" log (via System Processes GUI) see a new log line every ~6 seconds saying MAIN > Connected as gopt.L
  • Is this the new deamon that restarts processes?
  • Why is Optical Gain process going down?

02:32 Some TN's
  • Bin 4, 368 Hz
  • 023332 2000 frames
  • 023506 4000 frames
  • 023700
  • 024117
  • 024510

02:44 Seeing 0.9-1.1

02:46 El drives stop again due to torques
  • SX AdSec go into failure
  • Josh rotate out of the wind so I can restart. Wind at AdSec was ~5.5m/s
  • Restarted with no problems

02:57 Done with AO. They will do Binoc SL LUCI
  • AO at the beginning of tomorrow night

*NOTE* The AuxLoop process stopped several times. Had to kill from 5 to 10 auxloop processes each time and then start from System Process GUI

-- DougMiller - 27 Nov 2020
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