• Getting ready for ESM. They will do the Teluric first.
  • Going to the science target.
  • We had trouble with the pupil check because the source was showing a magnitude of 17.5. The pupil check eventually found the pupils, if I did "Center Pupils", which ESM presets usually skip, however, the pupil check routine kept giving me an error that the pupil size error was larger than the threshold. This prevented the pupil check from functioning and moving the camera lens. I think that it should be possible to change that threshold manually for faint stars. My fixes took too long, so we decided to go back to seeing limited.
  • From the "Pupil check ocam2" log on the System Processes GUI
  • python_85045 |INF| 253|2020-11-12 06:27:38.513992| MAIN > PupDiam Theorical: 10.0
    python_85045 |INF| 254|2020-11-12 06:27:38.514024| MAIN > PupDiam Computed: 2.0
    python_85045 |INF| 255|2020-11-12 06:27:38.514058| MAIN > Skipping step because of bad pupil diameter (PupDiam) estimation: error is 8.05, threshold is 2.00
    python_85045 |INF| 256|2020-11-12 06:27:38.515842| MAIN > Threshold: 0.8 Split: 1 Exptime: 10.0 Delay: 0.1
    python_85045 |INF| 257|2020-11-12 06:27:38.515885| MAIN > Method: sum
    python_85045 |INF| 258|2020-11-12 06:27:38.515912| MAIN > Pupil interdistance (pixels): x=12, y=12
    python_85045 |INF| 259|2020-11-12 06:27:38.515941| MAIN > Split offset (pixels): x=0, y=1
    python_85045 |INF| 260|2020-11-12 06:27:38.616568| MAIN > Reading 500 frames

-- GregoryTaylor - 12 Nov 2020
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