On Sky Check Out + Neptune

  • Doing Dave's Project
  • The loop stayed paused when we started running Dave's script.
  • I resumed. Manually.
  • Needed to re-close the loop once, the loop tried to close before the offset was complete, I think.
  • Going on to Neptune
  • The camera lens was hitting its limit and I couldn't go on.
  • Neptune
  • Triton shows 14.4
  • GOPT 0.06
  • g_tt_1.48_ho1_0.18_ho2_0.17.fits, after GOPT
  • Shell Ripped at the same time that:
  • MasterDiagnostic_129187|WAR| 2053|2020-10-30 03:23:42.364681ADAPTIVE-SECONDARY > Wrong filotto. Frame skipped.
    MasterDiagnostic_129187|ERR| 2054|2020-10-30 03:31:46.357905ADAPTIVE-SECONDARY > > FRAME BCU_MIRROR_2 HEADER:
    MasterDiagnostic_129187|ERR| 2055|2020-10-30 03:31:46.357981ADAPTIVE-SECONDARY > > FRAME BCU_MIRROR_1 HEADER:
    MasterDiagnostic_129187|ERR| 2056|2020-10-30 03:31:46.358025ADAPTIVE-SECONDARY > Detected a wrong filotto (BcuMirror_2 frame header don't match BcuMirror_3 header)
  • Unknown reason for the shell rip.
  • High clouds. We are forcing bin 4, to make sure that we keep enough flux.
  • We had the /tmp directory fill up. That made it so that I had to delete all of the .stdout files.
  • I accidentally deleted the wrong files first, which made me have to restart the wfs processes.
  • Too many clouds for the GRB
  • Going to M52
  • Running smoothly.
  • The clouds are causing the measured magnitude of our guide star to vary by more than a magnitude.
  • 20201030_061555, 20201030_061625, 20201030_061646, 20201030_061736
-- GregoryTaylor - 30 Oct 2020:
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