20200927 Recover SX AdSec configuration files

09:00 starting the restoring of the configuration to have a proper configuration

current ADOPT_ROOT aoroot.20200709

current aoroot was corrupted by the command make install-conf

cp aoroot aoroot.20200927 (just to make a backup of the current aoroot)

the directory is ~17 GB mostly because of core files

rm core.* in aoroot/bin

now the directory aoroot has 1.4 GB

question: why are the actuator configuration files (like act_wo_pos…) have a header with a date and time different from when they were created? It looks like when the system is started these files are also written?

mkdir soul/confcalib.20200927 (calib conf Makefile)

cd confcalib.20200927

calib from aoroot.20200927

conf from aoroot.20200709

Makefile from /soul/confcalib

changing ../soul/flao_environment.sh so that ADOPT_ROOT is back to be aoroot (and not aoroot.20200709)


login back

cd confcalib.2020709

make install-conf

in the aooroot/conf is missing the symbolic link from current to lbt672b

make install-calib

in the aooroot/calib ithere is a symbolic link from current to lbt672b

why Makefile excludes the rsync of adsec/current for the conf and not for the calib?

10:26 power OFF

10:27 adsc_stop


10:27 adsc_start

10:29 power ON

10:30 load program

10:36 checkied conf in the Mirror GUI seems correct

10:36 w_stop and w_start (because they need to be refreshed every once in a while)

10:37 most of the processes did not start…

10:38 w_start, now OK

10:39 Operate

10:41 shell set with 643 modes

10:48 WFS now ready to be operated, request to OCAM was set to Ambient

10:49 PrestAO failed… because the authorized focal station is LBTI

10:52 decided to close AO loop by hand rather than thru AOS

10:52 loop params to bin=1 freq. 1000 mod 3 lambda/d gain 1

10:54 got the proper reconstructor name from table

10:55 loading KL_20 20190930_161000.fits (500 modes), filtering iir1000Hzv004 set gain to 0

10:57 PrepareAdsec FATAL, no focal station was selected

10:57 selected BentGregorianFront

10:58 WFSFrameCounter is now increasing

11:10 changing in the confcalib directory the fastdiagn_start.param to reflect the new limits for CHCURRRMS AlarmMin is now -1e-12 (from -2e-14) and WarnMin is now -1e-12 (from -2e-14)

This is to go back to what was done

11:27 going to confcalib.20200927/.../ TS5 and running in IDL adsec_make_bad_act_files, verify that the number of actuators excluded is the same as previously, no actuator configuration changes

11:33 make install-conf in confcalib.20200927

11:36 adsc_stop, adsc_check, adsc_start, adsc_check

11:37 Power ON

11:39 load program

11:40 set flat 643 modes

11:42 W unit is OFF

11:45 rm the ADAPTIVE dumps from 09/27 and 09/26

11:49 shell rested

11:50 mv confcalib to confcalib.20170206

11:52 cp -r confcalib.20200927 to confcalib

11:55 checked that the act_wo* and fastdiagn.param were what we chose

-- DougMiller - 27 Sep 2020
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