SX in the darkness of the night.

  • Going to start with OSCO, as soon as it gets dark enough.
  • It's been clouding up steadily, now it's overcast.
  • Doing OSCO
  • Starting Steve E.'s script.
  • It took a while to load, now we have begun.
  • Loads of extinction
  • Stable at bin2. Showing mag 14.
  • 20200906_033633, 20200906_033707, 20200906_033747, 20200906_033811, 20200906_033917
  • Clouds caused us to need to re-send the preset.
  • GOPT Unstable in Bin2, as usual.
  • Seeing has become poorer and there are still some small clouds that cause us issues, but it's nearly stable.
  • We're at 37 deg.
  • Optimize gain driving the gains much too high. TT~60-70! Ho1~15 Ho2~15. This causes the loop to open.
  • I manually set a gain to g_tt_5.10_ho1_1.50_ho2_1.25.fits. It seems to be stable.
  • Gains set manually to g_tt_9.95_ho1_2.00_ho2_1.75.fits
  • Seeing variable. We keep safe skipping. We're at 32 degrees.
  • Can't manually set gain above 10.00, For Tip-Tilt.
  • It doesn't change the iir, when it selects a different binning. It should have changed it to 750Hz, since that's how fast we are going, but it is at 1000Hz, because that was the estimate, from when the preset was sent.

-- GregoryTaylor - 06 Sep 2020
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