SX On-Sky Checkout.

  • Going to start with OSCO
  • Still too bright.
  • OSCO Went well
  • Heading to NGC6240
  • Having difficult time centering the pupils. Looks like the OCAM2K controller or the BCU2K was having a problem. I cycled the OCAM2K process and the BCU2K power.
  • Re-sending the preset.
  • This time the Master Diagnostic process crashed. We're now resending.
  • 20200905_025314, 20200905_025510, 20200905_025552,
  • PSF Star, first try shows 18.2
  • 20200905_033540, 20200905_033636, 20200905_033858
  • PSF Star showing mag of 17.2
  • 20200905_034949, 20200905_035033, 20200905_035108
  • ESM Running.
  • OCAM has some inscrutable error that restarting processes won't fix. Warming up the OCAM for a power cycle.
  • The OCAM display was frozen and it was impossible to bring up new OCAM Display GUIS. That is all that I know about it.
  • OCAM cooled down again, re-sending the preset.
We had to restart the AdSec because it wasn't communicating with the WFS properly, even though slopes were arriving.

-- GregoryTaylor - 05 Sep 2020
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