SX AO On-Sky

  • Opening
  • Sent OSCO preset
  • GOPT 0.34
  • Smooth
  • The AGW, off axis guider got stuck and failed to move, David fixed it.
  • Now we are going to re do all of the script, to see if things move properly.
  • Re-doing the whole preset.
  • The stupid AGW is still not working.
  • Edited the script to avoid the bad part of the AGW range, or something.
  • Cuss, Cuss, Cuss
  • Still not working.
  • We moved to the PSF star for the GEO observation.
  • Had to do another retry, as an ACE-TRACK
  • This seems to work.
  • Seeing is 1.3
  • GOPT 0.3
  • Freq 1486, Gain 600
  • I hope that they can bloody fix the AGW.
  • Getting ready for the GEO
  • Found the sucker on the first try!!!!
  • Glory Be!
  • Going to try Dave's thing, if and only if the AGW works.
  • AGW is very KAPUT.
  • We're doing a modified version, without using the guide probe.
  • This went to bin2 and GOPT didn't want to go, so I didn't try a second time. Also, the GOPT value was going to be around 0.1, which in the past has led to instabilities. The optimize gain graphs were very flat, so this should be stable.
  • Did ESM portion. Manually optimized because it was taking too long to do it automatically.
  • 0.52 0.98 0.5
  • Loop was stuck in pause. I don't know what the delay was caused by, but I was able to manually resume.
  • Still related to AGW: Errors keep showing up in IIF.
  • Seeing hovering between 1.5 and 1.6
  • Problems with AGW have Killed the observation. We're fiddling with scripts.

-- GregoryTaylor - 11 Jul 2020
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